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Dancer Of The Year
Karlie's 2016 Entry Essay
Since the ripe age of three I have grown by the light of a performance stage, giving root to a passion that has spread through my veins: my love for dance. When I began, my determination to succeed sprouted almost unconsciously, allowing me to absorb every drop of information my teachers fed me. From there dance has allowed me to grow by teaching me the importance of cooperation, adaptation to change, and seizing the day because they will all broaden my experiences to help me blossom into not only a better dancer, but a better individual. I look forward to starting the next branch of my dance journey at Penn State University, hopeful to see all I can become.

Karlie Caruk
Heartbeat Dance Center

Dance Of The Year
163 Mitchells Chance Rd. #225, Edgewater, MD 21037
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