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Dancer Of The Year
Alyssa's 2017 Entry Essay
It is the essence of dance itself- sculpting music, words, and sounds into shapes thus breathing life into movements, that make it such a captivating art form. However; it is the intertwined art of vulnerability that makes it so powerful, so human, so raw. As I failed and triumphed on my journey through dance, I came to the realization I was not only transforming as a dancer, but as a human being. I realized that the true power dance possesses lies in the power to be human. To strip ourselves raw and let strangers in; share our stories with sincere authenticity. To showcase our faults, and our hearts, to be utterly vulnerable. To let these unfamiliar humans in and connect to their souls. This is the substance of dance. I feel there is no greater privilege than to make connections silently, through my heart by way of this truly breathtaking phenomenon.

Alyssa Nygaard
Prestige Arts Company

Dance Of The Year
163 Mitchells Chance Rd. #225, Edgewater, MD 21037
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