Breast Cancer Awareness
Noelle’s Story

Noelle Pate PackettDear #DanceFamily,


I am a firm believer that knowledge is power. When you have knowledge, often you are presented with options.


My mom, Jeanne was one of kind. She was a significant contributor, from the beginning, helping to set the foundation for Starpower. She was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the young age of 35, and then received a bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery at diagnosis.  At the time I was only 3 years old.  She had a good run of healthy years, even with the cancer still in her lymphatic system.  However, in 1992 the cancer came back with a bang, filling her lungs with fluid and spreading to other organs. She fought hard, and finally passed 4 years later.


My mom’s side of the family was riddled with cancers of all types, so I decided to educate myself, seeking to understand my options as it pertained to my own health. I started with regular self-breast exams, clinical breast exams every 6 months, mammograms, and MRI’s. I then made the decision to be tested for the different types of genetic mutations that can increase your risk of ovarian, breast, and other cancers. Since my Mom’s Sister had already been tested and was negative for the mutations, I was fairly confident I would be as well.


Noelle Pate PackettMy test results came back, and I am a true X-woman. I have the BRAC-2 Genetic Mutation. This greatly increases my chance of Breast and Ovarian Cancer which terrified me beyond belief. Again, since knowledge is power, I made the life changing decision to receive a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. I thought long and hard, met with doctors, and talked with other women with similar experiences.  I felt empowered and confident in my decision. It was a very difficult surgery, but I could not chance my daughter or my husband experiencing what I went through with my mom.


I was incredibly grateful, being in a position to take control of my situation. If you have a strong family history of Ovarian or Breast Cancer, you have options. The blood test is simple and most insurances cover the expense, if there is a family history of cancer. Genetic counselors are rich with knowledge and resources. There are also less drastic options than the path I chose. You have to find what’s best for you.


Noelle Pate PackettI am amazed at the number of women I have spoken to, who aren’t receiving regular mammograms, and who are unaware of all the preventative options that are available. If I can help even one woman with my story, then I have succeeded. I am grateful for the knowledge I have, and I am grateful to be alive, healthy, happy, and doing what I love in this wonderful world of dance.


My goal is to help more women be inspired to gain knowledge and strength!


With Love,



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STARPOWER is proud to offer this fabulous scholarship opportunity for our dancers ages 17 and up.

STARPOWER wants to encourage and help our dancers to further their education after high school
and is going to be awarding $1,000 SCHOLARSHIPS to chosen dancers in 2018!
In order to qualify and apply you must meet the following requirements:


Must be 17 years of age or older

Must compete at a Starpower event

Must show proof of applications or acceptance into a school of higher education (applicant does not have to pursue dance in order to qualify)

Must write a 100 word essay explaining why you think you should receive this award and return it via email to Noelle Pate at by June 1st, 2018


Must list Studio Name and Starpower Championship you plan on attending in the body of email


Winners will be announced at the live broadcast of our Battle of the Stars this summer!


We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

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